I don't wanna take your hand
No use to call, no use to talk
I'd like to hide in your arms
Deep. Safe. Hiding. Like a fugitive.

I've done nothing wrong
Yet I feel like a criminal
Seeking for a gentle hand, comprehension
Looking forward to lay my guilt

It could be you. Or someone else.
Doesn't mater.
It's just your eyes, blue. Or your smile.

You're double. You're him. Or him.
The gentle guy with the curly hair.
The guy with the faded blue eyes.
The guy with the faded smile.

You're everywhere.
And everywhere you avoid me
You stay at a safe distance
You hide your heart.
I'd torn it apart
But I don't want your hand
I don't want your talk
Maybe I don't even want your heart
I just want to lay in your arms

I'm a Cheshire cat.