Making my way thru your heart

You heart is a warm place you keep me in
You think this way I'll feel safe
But I tell you, I suffocate

So like a worm, I'll bite and spit
Chew and melt parts of it
I'm just making my way out

The shelter you've given me
Can't hold my wicked being
And the part trapped inside
Is begging to be free

So don't be surprised
If you feel like dying inside
It's just not easy
To open a heart wide

manu c.amorim - june '05

2 comentários:

:-/ 11:28 PM  

J'adore tous tes textes Mamzel ;-)
Tu as un véritable don pour l'écriture.
Je suis FAN :-P

beatnik_queen 6:49 PM  

merci miss/mister!

I'm a Cheshire cat.