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Ahlala, la Cuvée des Trolls... inutile de dire que je suis rentrée et me suis endormie (après être passée par un McDo) au lieu d'aller en cours... tsc tsc

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Geraldine Chaplin

Monsters and Damned

Woke up one day in the middle of the night
The air was thick, full of darkness
But my room didn't sound dead
Voices and sparkles were turning all around

Found out what happens in the middle of the night
When everyone is sleeping tight
Monsters and damned dance in my room
Turning and laughing all around

Suddenly, they saw me
But they didn't fade away
For I looked just like them, a lost soul
Hand in hand, we danced in the middle of the night

manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

I love saxophonists.


I have a ThinkPad I have a ThinkPad I have a ThinkPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doktor Caligari

Mon père au milieu, touuuut petit et deux oncles autour.

Just fine.

It's just fine.
And he's just fine.

Long live Archie Shepp. And Chuck Mangione. Ok, I'll probably be the only one to understand the meaning of what I just wrote. So what. I'm drunk, I have the right to say strange things.

And I love Jeanne Moreau.

Je me comprends. Si, si.

Out of the haze

Quase, quaaaaaase terminado!

I'm tired of beeing in love
And always feeling so sad
Pretending all is fine
When all just feels too bad

I'm tired of crying all night
Since you walked out that door
Though I try to hide
I'm nearly on the floor

Take my mind out of the haze
Take my mind out of the haze
Take my hand, can't you see it
Take my heart, can't you feel it
I love you

I wonder where've you've been gone
Do you think of me sometimes
In your heart are you still alone
See here my wounds are still open wide

But somewhere deep inside
there is hope
That someday you will come
my way

Take my mind out of the haze
Take my mind out of the haze
Take my hand, don't you feel it
Take my heart, don't you need it
I love you

Para o Thiego. Começado em março 04.

no title.

I want to take your hand
I want to touch your body
And kiss your lips
So smooth and red

I want to get lost
In the waves of your hair
And find my way
In the laughs of your eyes
Blue as the sky of a summer day

Please don't send me away
No one will love you more
No man can understand
The softness of your skin
Let me show you some sin

aug. 2007 - à la (presqu') inconnue du bâtiment H...



What is this light I see in your eyes
Each time I walk in your direction
You should had learned by now
You'd get hurt with my lies

You know the closer you'll get
The further I'll run
Don't ever try to possess me
It's hard to be someone's pet

But if you don't fear
To have your heart broken
I'll take your hand
And love you for a moment

Just don't get used to my lips
To preserve your heart
'Cause if I ever fall in love
You know I'll run away

But I see in your eyes
That when I'll get closer
You'll just take my hand
And lose your mind



I'm a Cheshire cat.