Easiest way to heaven

old stuff I found back

Your face under the moonlight
Smiling, so deep in love
I felt so warm inside
I could almost cry

I spent so much time
Looking for peace of mind
While you were there
Just waiting for my touch

I smiled and took your hand
And there, just feeling your heart beating
I found out that a kiss from you
Would probably be the easiest way to heaven



Dec. 07

Jan. 07

Brussels, Jan.07


Well, you might think I've been playing with you, all along. Well I wasn't. So you shouldn't play with me.
I can be rough sometimes


Love sucks, family sucks.
But friends are great.

End of the story.

Lásky jedné plavovlásky - M.Forman 1965

sur imdb

Os amores de uma loira, The Loves of a Blonde ou l'amour dans la classe ouvrière.
Amour naïf et intéressé.
Espoir d'une vie meilleure, envie de sortir du schéma tracé et peu réjouissant qui se présente à l'horizon.
À un âge où on ne s'est pas encore résigné.
Toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour sortir du quotidien lourd, chercher un peu d'amour -et si possible un éventuel fiancé that'll take you away.
Les illusions sont là aussi, on tombe amoureuse, en plus. En cherchant à séduire, on se retrouve à aimer. Ou à croire, du moins. Même à se croire aimée.
Et même quand la vérité transparaît, crue, cruelle et cependant tellement prévisible et compréhensible, on ment encore, on impressionne les autres sur du vent, qu'importe. Tant que ça dure, on est autre.
Tout ça et bien plus dans une atmosphère de Tchécoslovaquie qui s'ennuie, dans ce film où Milos Forman est subtil comme peu savent l'être.


Smile, though your heart is aching
smile, even though it's breaking...

I miss you.

Though you'll never read this.

It's strange, eating alone as I watch Jack Lemmon eating alone. But he has Shirley MacLaine, in the end... :-(

(The Apartment, 1960 - Billy Wilder)

Sunset Boulevard

"I am big, it's the pictures that got small''

So lonely

Late at night, just smoking cigarette on cigarette, the pack's almost empty. If someone could be kind and send me some Benson & Hedges, thank you.
Nobody gives a damn 'bout how I feel.
I get hurt and I should apologize.
I'm the one who's supposed to change in order to get socialized.
Well fuck off.
I'm better off on my own.


Maybe I'm not the one who has changed.

Years after.

Never asked to be yours

I'm sorry
Have to tell you I'm sorry
It's not a game, it's not a play
You're not a prey to cure dismay

I just got stuck
in the middle of the storm

Never meant to hurt you
but never asked to be yours

You caught me
in the middle of your arms

And I'm trapped in the game
And I'm going insane

Now I'm hangin' to your claws
Just longin' to get caught.


tired of it all.

"Will it go 'round in circles?''

Not a small bit of concern 'bout how I'll feel, 'bout what I think.
Damn it, 'feel like shit now.

fuck that stupid dog.
fuck you who act like a child or like you just don't care.

Don't know what to do anymore. Pack my things and go? Understand your foolish way of life? Once again? Why can't you just be gentle...

You know, I've got too many scars. You should try a little tenderness.
Won't go like that very long

that's good, very good

Tim Buckley.


...don't grin at me!!

Arthur, coca et Rankin

I like that


Yes, I do study sometimes

I'm a Cheshire cat.