You won't understand.
You didn't understand. I was telling I wouldn't come back. You didn't understand.
You said you'd be there. You probably think you were. But you're not. I miss your words, true words, words from your heart and not arrogant words of someone you doesn't want me to think he's closer than a friend; a distant friend. I guess I really needed that kind of words. words words words
not that you think about me; ya should've told you love me, you should've told me you want me by your side. Not that you'd be pleased to stay at a sunny place. Why can't you tell me you want to stay with me, just like that, with no second thoughts and no fear, no harsh complement to make me doubt
I'm down down down and you don't even listen
And my foolish pride... I won't come up. You won't show up. We won't talk at all like that or somehow we'll finally go on with our silly words, not saying a thing 'bout how we feel. Just you, doing as if everything was ok and proudish me faking it's not important at all

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