you've got a friend, ain't it good to know (?) that you've got a friend

'coz sometimes, you just feel alone, though some try to cheer you up.
you've got a friend - james taylor & carole king


soundtrack: Edge of the Universe - Bee Gees

Things are just getting worse. Feeling somewhat lost. Sleeping with a boy, dreaming of a girl. Buying a ticket for a plane and wondering where I'm going to land. Love is a plane, they said. But will my love stand the plan? And will the bird follow? Or will it just decide to let things go, on an easier way, après tout, elle sera peut-être mieux ainsi. No I won't. you can't decide for me.
You say I'm young. Ok, therefore, I'm at the edge of the universe, looking everything from above, on a cloud. But I see no road, down under. I have no advantage to take. You, with your plans can get more lucky than me.
I don't care. Just don't be afraid. I promise I won't let you down. No matter what happens, no matter what sickness goes on my mind, no matter who I'm dreaming of, no matter if you don't like my music or don't hold me as much as I'd like.

hey I need you. Don't doubt. Though I act strange, though I bite you, though I say I need someone else, though I'm cruel, though I sometimes send you away. It's just pride, foolish pride. And fear.

I'm a Cheshire cat.