Passing by

Hey you passerby don't stop just carry on your way
Don't pay attention to these tears, i'll probably be ok
It's just some boy who's breaking my heart

No, leave me alone, I don't wanna talk
You wouldn't be able to give me any answer anyway
You're probably just getting late

No, get away, you can't cure the pain I feel
Or even understand why it's been so hard
Somehow I just got lost on my way

Tell me pleasant stranger, what can I do with my life
It all seems so wasted anyway
And every road I take just crackles under my feet

But don't worry, I'll keep on going
Somehow it's on my genes
An extraordinary way of living

Just walking around, making my days
Waiting and living until the moment it'll be over
Hanging on life as long as my heart keeps the distance

Don't bother yourself, mister
These tears will dry
It's allways like this when a heart is broken


---manu c a may 2006 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

11 comentários:

Ultimus* 6:38 PM  

mais mais mais...c'est triste tout ça

beatnik_queen 10:17 PM  

...mais la vie est triste très cher

Ultimus* 8:27 AM  

Mais non madame...enfin si un peu! mais t'es toute piiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite t'as pas le droit d'être triste! et puis des trop beau yeux alors de même! et puis les poulpes c'est jamais tristes...

beatnik_queen 11:20 AM  

Hé mais j'ai pas de crête, j'ai toujours rêvé d'avoir une crête. Prête-moi la tienne et ça ira mieux, m'sieur

Ultimus* 3:11 PM  

après les zoraux! et puis j'ai jamais eu de crête (yet !)..bien en rose (et les sourcils avec, comme Son Goku) ou en blanc

parfois fait des bétises

Anonymous 10:52 PM  

Y a déja un requin roussette qui a repéré le poulpe convalescent.
Fais gaffe octopussy, le rouge est mis dans la deep blue sea.

madphil 1:40 PM  

Oh !!!!!
Je suis quasi certain que ce texte n'était pas là mardi soir et peut-être même mercredi (sais plus si je suis passé ici mercredi). Pourtant il semblerait que tu l'aies posté mardi après-midi...

Willie 9:15 PM  

Ah, moi aussi, je me fais avoir des fois, parce que ça loade la page qu'est en cache. Il faut penser à faire "Actualiser" quand tu viens voir ici. :)

Ultimus* 9:44 AM  

Hey you lady, why are you so sad?
How could I go, how could I leave?
How could I turn my back on you?

The Pythons said, life's a shit
But always look on the bright side of it
They were not so wrong.

'Can't cure and I'm getting late
But like always, I don't care
I'm here and I'll stay untill those tears will dry

Why could I not understand?
My heart's been broken, my heart's been shattered
I've lost everything so many times I can't cry no more

I was walking by and I saw you
So small and sad, people didn't stop
I saw you, and you saw me

Don't tell me to go, it won't work
Look at me, watch my eyes
And now you know that I can't leave

Dry those tears, rise your head
Now you go and I will stay
Don't turn around, it will be fine

***** and now i'm so f***ing late i won't take a break 'till 10pm

beatnik_queen 5:44 PM  

Hé, si tu rates procéd'pénale, j'm'en voudrai : P

C'est zoli'

Ultimus* 7:08 PM  

je suis sur que tu t'en voudrai!!! :)

poste tes nouveaux choooooz!
j'ai ptet même réussi

et même que merci beaucoup mais à l'envers et en portugais

I'm a Cheshire cat.