angel touch

There, somewhere, there she is
I can't feel her touch
I can't hear her voice
But my mind's calm
'Cause I know she exists, there

I suppose she'll never read
Those words I can't prevent myself from writing
I suppose though she did
She'd never understand she's the one I have in mind
But I don't care

I sure don't wanna
Mess with her heart
Or break out her faith
I'd just love a little
Of an angel's touch


---manu c a january 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

2 comentários:

Hardy 9:58 PM  

t'aurais pu filer ce texte à Scott Weiland quand Stone Temple Pilots existait encore lol

beatnik_queen 10:40 PM  

bah, j'aurais du rencontrer la personne en question avant alors ; )

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