Yeah, I'm 20. Yahoo.

(Yeah, I'm happy, I swear. Yeah! Can't you see? What, I look like Droopy? Graww it's not my fault anyway)

And in just one year, you can vote for me for the Senate. (In case I decide not to join the Legion of Honour) ... or maybe I'll be in Las Vegas, could be nice.


La religion est la structure des faibles.

Wrong Lane

Sometimes I feel
Like I've lived too much
Discovered all too fast

The things I say
Don't fit my face
The things I feel
Don't fit my age

Then life itself turns into a place
Where nothing matters 'cause nothing's new

And love turns into a tricky game
Where everyone gets lost and hurt

---manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

Doe Maar

Encore un chouette truc! Leur hilarious ''Doris Day'' passe assez souvent sur les bonnes radios.

Mignonne allons voir si la rose...

... allons voir si la neige persiste au dehors, enrobée de nuages cotonneux, comateux mais réconfortants. Parfois traître mais pleine de douceur.


un excellent groupe (prog' rock? Yep, rather) que tout le monde gagne à connaître, tout spécialement cet album, Asylum. Surtout si vous appréciez Jethro Tull.
M'ci jean-Hub'!

I'm a Cheshire cat.