London under bombs...

That's it, another dream is over... Why do they always end up killing, hurting, lying, beeing so... human?

Anyway, let's just listen so some good song (Angel - Jimi Hendrix) and... sort of forget it a little. Then try to find some reasons, try to understand why, how, they did that. Though the reasons may seem unfair, ridiculous, unreachable, they are there.

Then, with that sound in my ears, I feel better and I remember what was my opinion right before these bombs. I still think human beeings are good. And when a life messes up or get messed... it's not always an individual problem. We're going wrong... so did Jacky said. Let's try to find the right path to follow, each one and...let's try to help others around. Every terrorist had to go through the decision to follow that path. If someone had explained, had showed them another one...

As long as we would try to live alone, to feel protected only when our house is locked -and our hearts, to believe every stranger is a danger... we're never going to fix our fears, we're never going to make this world a better place.

Call me a fool, I don't care. I'll just keep on trying to fool people around me if that could at least bring a sparkle of hope to their souls.

We have no god, we have not much certitudes in this world. The only thing we have is each other. Why should we spoil our only way to happiness?

Peace and love! (Yep, that sound silly, don't? ; ) )

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Ozz 8:08 PM  

Vraiment, cet attentat, ca craint...Car si ces actions étaient réellement idéologiques comme elles se prétendent, un attentat aurait été mené contre un premier ministre emmenant son peuple à la guerre, et non contre des gens innocent prenant le métro pour travailler et gagner leur croute.

Cet acte violent n'est qu'un acte de couards (plus facile de s'attaquer à une maman dans un wagon, qu'aux gorilles du 10 Downing Street...) et de fanatiques sans aucun respect envers la vie humaine et ne proposant que désolation et mort...

Le gouvernement anglais est critiquable sur de nombreux points...mais nul tare ne justifiait que des innocents de toutes classes, toutes professions, toutes nationalités et toutes confessions confondues, payent de leur vie, les erreurs d'un gouvernement pourri et les idées de fanatiques inhumains...

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