Well, sadly, this could almost be my moto. I like this text. Wrote it some time ago, as a 'goodbye' note to a poetry group I was, one very blue evening. Couldn't go, too weak. But the words were like wings and I felt like flying away with every line. And sometimes I still go back to my all-scratched and dirty school papers and read, read, read... It keeps me from trying to act. It gives me an artificial paradise so I can stop wondering if I could, if I should look for the true, peaceful one.

Goodbye, the day has died
And my time is getting by
I have to go

Goodbye, as shadows eat the walls,
dark thoughts eat my mind
I'm feeling low

Goodbye, I can't stay anymore
in this party where I don't belong
All I do is wrong

Goodbye, but I won't miss you
Where I'm going nothing matters
And all is blue

---manu c a april 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

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