Garbage - Bleed like me

Well, I don't use to listen to the latest records -unless it's from long-time-rolling band. But... this was a (happy) detour on my habits.

The songs are really great, have a somewhat personal style. The only black point is maybe that you can get a bit tired while listening to the entire record: the guitars and voice sound somewhat alike on most songs. But it's like a fresh (yet heavy) breeze for the ears.

My fav': Why do you love me (yep, the one which single has been rolling and rolling on mtv, isn't that lady cute?) (I don't know why but the dynamic remembers me...Help! yep, Beatles. Damn!)
---------Bleed like me (well, it gave the name to the album...couldn't be bad)
---------It's all over but the crying (Yep, I assume: I like ballads and sad songs. It's really beautiful.)

So, the best I can do for you is to tell you: boy, c'mon, grab' it!

et un énorme merci à Ozz ; )

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Ozz 12:27 AM  

Ca me fait plaisir ma puce ;)

I'm a Cheshire cat.