Well, sadly, this could almost be my moto. I like this text. Wrote it some time ago, as a 'goodbye' note to a poetry group I was, one very blue evening. Couldn't go, too weak. But the words were like wings and I felt like flying away with every line. And sometimes I still go back to my all-scratched and dirty school papers and read, read, read... It keeps me from trying to act. It gives me an artificial paradise so I can stop wondering if I could, if I should look for the true, peaceful one.

Goodbye, the day has died
And my time is getting by
I have to go

Goodbye, as shadows eat the walls,
dark thoughts eat my mind
I'm feeling low

Goodbye, I can't stay anymore
in this party where I don't belong
All I do is wrong

Goodbye, but I won't miss you
Where I'm going nothing matters
And all is blue

---manu c a april 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

Carole King - Tapestry

Voilà, another record, another (light) review. This could figure between my all-time ten fav' records. here you will find a real review (Wilson&Alroy... I don't like all they say but this one's pretty fair).
So, first Carole King. This is a great lady. (First she's beautiful). She has a great voice and I love the way she works it, the way she uses it. The lady is also a huge composer. Just look: in tapestry alone you can find almost as many hits as songs.
Now the record. If you should have just one King's record, it has to be Tapestry. It's better than a best of. (I tell you right away, it's my only record of her... I heard here and then some songs, many actually but there's no other work I can say ''This is a great record'', or ''I like every song on that record'').
The sound: you have a great great artist at the acoustic guitar on some of the songs, James Taylor (and also in the vocals on some songs). The entire record has a soft, mellow acoustic sound, just great. (Unless you're a heavy-metal addict... ; ) but c'mon, I love it and... I also like AC/DC...)

Just give it a try. I'm sure you won't be deceived.

Garbage - Bleed like me

Well, I don't use to listen to the latest records -unless it's from long-time-rolling band. But... this was a (happy) detour on my habits.

The songs are really great, have a somewhat personal style. The only black point is maybe that you can get a bit tired while listening to the entire record: the guitars and voice sound somewhat alike on most songs. But it's like a fresh (yet heavy) breeze for the ears.

My fav': Why do you love me (yep, the one which single has been rolling and rolling on mtv, isn't that lady cute?) (I don't know why but the dynamic remembers me...Help! yep, Beatles. Damn!)
---------Bleed like me (well, it gave the name to the album...couldn't be bad)
---------It's all over but the crying (Yep, I assume: I like ballads and sad songs. It's really beautiful.)

So, the best I can do for you is to tell you: boy, c'mon, grab' it!

et un énorme merci à Ozz ; )


tired of always beeing the one who ends up crying...


et bien... écrit il y a environ une heure, en plein milieu d'une discussion, à l'arrière d'une voiture, tentant de faire abstraction des cris, imaginant ne plus être là...

It won't be very polite
It won't change the curse of things
As I can't scream I'll write
The simple thing I have to say: fuck.

All things I had to go thru
All those things I can't forget
All I'd wish to throw away
But it keeps on haunting me

I'd wish I could fly away
Spread my wings and fly
Far far away
Leave this world of madness

Where auto-proclamed adults
are always screaming and fighting
I thought and pretended I don't care
But it's deep on my nerves

A world where protectors are
only wolves in disguise
Although I thought and pretended I'm unreachable
I can't forget the pain
I can't breath thru my disgust

But I can't go, I'm much too weak
They made stone of my veins,
The strongest knife won't get thru
And my only defense is to write. Fuck.

---manu c a june 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author


How do you say that it's all over?
How do you know which words to use?
I swear I tried to be happy
I never meant to break your heart

How do you turn and walk away?
How do you wave and say goodbye?
I sure don't wanna make no fuss
I sure don't wanna make you cry

I guess there's no right path to follow
I guess no one will ever show me the light
I guess the worse to say will do
Baby my love is over for you

---manu c a june 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

hope always comes back, especially thru the rays of light.

''Prá que chorar
Prá que sofrer
Se há sempre um novo amor
Em cada novo amanhecer''

-Leila Pinheiro, e.a.


It's raining again

Well, it's an old one... but hell, this is my place, this is the only place I belong. Hell no I'm not feeling good. But I'm starting to get used to it.

It's raining again
Like so many teardrops
Fallen from a heart
That loved in vain
And got fooled alain
While looking for happiness

I loved a country
That wasn't mine anymore
I loved a family
who left me on the floor
I found no place on earth
That could contain my heart

What's the purpose of freedom
If I don't have a shoulder to hold on
And how worth is a life
When I am on my own
Watching the rain falling down
All alone in the crowd

---manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

Vous me manquez

Vous me manquez
Vous, professeur d'une adolescence tourmentée
Vous, que j'aurais préféré ne jamais rencontrer

Car ce que vous m'avez appris
J'aurais préféré l'ignorer
Je n'ai jamais voulu souffrir

Car c'est cela que vous m'avez enseigné
Tant de fois vous m'avez relevée
Mais ce n'était que pour mieux me briser

Finalement j'ai pu fuir
Loin de vous, tenter de guérir
Mais rien n'a jamais pu suffire

Et maintenant je me rends
Je vous cherche aux détours des couloirs
Et je désespère de ne jamais vous revoir

Peu importe ce que vous m'avez fait
Du passé j'ai tout oublié
Pour ne garder que l'essentiel
Vous me manquez

---manu c a june 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author


mmhmm... not really exactly what I had in mind but..., don't? : D

Brussels Jazz Marathon 2005 - 2d day

voilà, that's me!

Et yep, je reste toujours fidèle au style jeans/t-shirt/all stars ; )

Unbearable her

well... hell yes it's about a girl.

I think there's something you should know
It's something totally out of control

Yes, I shiver under your caress
But when I look at her
I feel a sting in my heart
And my soul gets cold

There's something unbearable in her beauty
And I just can't take my eyes off of her

I know it might cause you pain
I know it's hard for you to understand
But I can't help but beeing myself
Kissing you as I try to forget her face...

---manu c a june 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

I'm a Cheshire cat.