Strange feelings... Strange ideas. Le blues et le whisky sont rarement de bons conseillers... Bizarre, à cette époque, tout ce que j'écrivais se terminait par une chute... littéralement.

I'm on the roof
For so many hours
Thinking of you
As the clouds go by

Stormy wind freezes my bones
Icy cold whisky burns my soul

A black cat comes
But I see nothing
My eyes are lost
In the silence

Twisted mind keeps on turning
Faster and faster in the sky

The black cat's gone
And I got up
The floor beyond
Is calling me

Isn't it strange to see your smile
Hiding there amongst those cars

Haunting me again
Asking me to move closer
Just one more step...
I'm flying to your arms

---manu c a may 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

2 comentários:

r/r 4:00 AM  

it's very cool i could see the smile hiding in traffic too but a different smile, my favourite smiles amalgamated, merci beaucoup

beatnik_queen 9:40 PM  

uh? lol you're even crazier than me? : P

de rien ; )

I'm a Cheshire cat.