Be heroic

Started with a game
of losing self-control
But some went further
And lost their souls

Now I begin to hesitate
There are just so many ways
To support our fate
And one road kills another

Each day it turns harder to see
What's better to lose
Living out of me
Just appears to be smooth

But now I have to chose
Between two existences
Short life and knowledge
Or ignorance and decades

I'm giving up on my faith
Happiness has a price, I know
My pleasure is a vice
And I'm drowning, slow

---manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

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4 comentários:

r/r 11:05 AM  

i like it

beatnik_queen 10:18 PM  

thanks : D

Hardy 11:25 AM  

lyrics stolen by me ^^

beatnik_queen 11:43 PM  

nan, gentiment cédées on dit : D looool

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