Bad Love - lyrics

(yep, that was what that mp3 was about, for those who heard it^^)

Don't walk away
Don't get me wrong
I made you cry
But my love is strong

See if you leave
I know I'll cry
Maybe even die
But I'm too proud
To admit it

So please read between the lines
See in my eyes all that I hide
And baby don't you cry
Every time I say goodbye

Someday I know
I'll find a way
To show you how
To get to my heart

And then I'll learn to say
Those words I fear
That you just long to hear
I'll smile and say I'll stay

'Till then I'll keep on trying
Hurting you and always running
'For the cuts are much too deep
And it takes time to stop the crying

---manu c a april 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

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FRED 10:02 PM  

J'aimerais beaucoup que tu me passe les accords m'amzelle. biz

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