Family, such a deep word
Brings to most people's mind
Visions of happiness
But I can only think of pain

While every child gets love and affection
I found myself alone instead
Throwed away from house to house
Like a plague that won't get dead

They still pretend sometimes
Their doors are always open
But they can't see I wanted to get
In their hearts and arms

Today I feel it's too late
'Cause all I feel before them
Is guilt and hate
Burning through my throat

Family, such a vain word
When every care has to be stolen
A whole life won't be enough
To ever mend my soul

---manu c a april 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

2 comentários:

Willie 7:41 PM  

J'espere que tes parents viennent pas faire des tours sur ton blog .... C'est triste tout ça.

beatnik_queen 11:55 PM  

beh nan ils viennent pô. Mais tout est vrai là dedans et je mesure mes mots. Alors après s'ils voyaient beh tant pis.

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