Ceux qui me condamnent ne se sont peut-être jamais posé ces questions pourtant évidentes mais si dérangeantes qui me brûlent l'esprit...
Je me bat contre moi-même. Et même d'une victoire je ne sortirai pas indemne


You were the one
To discover the thruth
The venomous rebel
were only a fool

But don't be so rude
While stealing my heart
You may think it s a rock
But I'm not that strong

I'll let you have me
But please move slow
While you're coming closer
For I am scared to death

And turn off the light
For it would burn my soul
No longer protected
By my cynical mind

---manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

e o que é sofrer...

Estou morrendo lentamente
Sem razão, sem ser por amor

Meus olhos ardem
Já não tenho lágrimas pra chorar
Nem sorrisos pra disfarçar

Já não me importa perder você
Porque sei que você vai estar
Melhor quando entender
Que esse não é meu mundo

Não chore, não fique triste
Fui pra não voltar
Mas fui pra não sofrer

19.02.04 feeling blue on a rainy friday...


seule l'obscurité est digne de confiance


a cold body
made of ebony
astonishing sounds
under my fingers

childish adult games
all thru the night
a faithful friend
under the lights

fingers up and down
sounds and a crown
for some minutes
I am a hero

I'm not afraid
as I see the crowd
my guitar holds my soul
while I play aloud

---manu c a march 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

Worn out heart

I'm only another fool
With eyes full of tears
Broken so many times
I just can't tell

Now I don't wanna play anymore
For in the game of love
The price to pay
Is much too high

And I don't have illusions no more
For the last one I had
Got me crawlin' on the floor
Oh, love can be so bad

I'm only another soul
Alone in this cold world
With a worn out heart
That just can't love anymore

---manu c a april 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author


Family, such a deep word
Brings to most people's mind
Visions of happiness
But I can only think of pain

While every child gets love and affection
I found myself alone instead
Throwed away from house to house
Like a plague that won't get dead

They still pretend sometimes
Their doors are always open
But they can't see I wanted to get
In their hearts and arms

Today I feel it's too late
'Cause all I feel before them
Is guilt and hate
Burning through my throat

Family, such a vain word
When every care has to be stolen
A whole life won't be enough
To ever mend my soul

---manu c a april 2004 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

Loving you is killing me

Oh, it feels so bad, it hurts so much
To see you turn around and walk away
I cried so much, I cried in vain
You never looked, just carried on your way

I'm gonna miss you and you don't care
I said I love you and you just stared
That hurts
That cuts inside

The phone is there but the line is dead
Cause the silence won't ever kill my hopes
The glass is empty and my sight is dark
I try to lose my mind in waves of smoke

I wanna die but I won't dare
Now you're gone I feel so scared
And that hurts
That cuts inside

---manu c a january 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

I'm a Cheshire cat.