Angels Blues

Fait pour et d'après une idée de Charlie"Skellington" Jeanningros

When I saw her
With her sad blue eyes
I felt my heart exploding
And I gave her a smile
She was the one
The right one for me
Hand in hand forever
Our love was like the sea
She were there in my night
I was there to hold her tight
Everything was so perfect
In my life
But one day I woke up
Looked for her smile
But the bed was empty
And so cold
Was it just a dream
Had i slept too much
But the truth
Was so worse
She was my gift from above
All I needed was to have her close
Maybe to be so happy
Was a crime
When I saw her
Lying on the floor
I felt my heart was breaking
And I fell next to her
My mind was so confused
I took a gun and cried
I pushed the trigger
And rushed to her
She was the saviour of my soul
She could make me walk through
Without her to hold me
I had no life
But death isn't better than life
I found myself in the wrong side
Burning and alone
Forever a lost soul
I won't see her again
But I know she hears my words
And that is enough
To make me carry on
She was my angel
And all I have left is my blues
So I'll keep on singing
'Till the end of time
She is my angel
And she can hear my blues
Everytime the sun shines
I know she smiles

---manu c a january 2005 copyrighted all rights reserved by author

4 comentários:

Anonymous 3:10 PM  

Très beau mais une fin digne d'un drame de Shakespear.


beatnik_queen 10:34 PM  


mici mici! Et bon le gars voulait une fin heureuse alors que le gars de l'histoire se j'ai du chercher ; )

Willie 11:13 PM  

Condamné à être une âme errante jusqu'à la fin des temps et chanter tout le temps la même chose ? C'est ça une fin heureuse ?
Enfin, je dis ça, mais c'est sûr que s'il se suicide, c'est pas évident de rendre ça joyeux.
Moi, j'aurais sûrement rajouté un scientifique fou ému par leur merveilleuse histoire dont il a eu connaissance grâce à la boule magique d'une diseuse de bonne aventure, a décidé de les ramener à la vie et ils vécurent heureux et eurent beaucoup d'enfants.
Enfin, après, ça aurait surement été moins beau que le tien (surtout vu mon niveau en anglais ....)

beatnik_queen 12:37 AM  

; )

bah, j'ai pas fait une fin 'heureuse' mais ajouté un point positif à une fin triste ; )

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